There are tons of guides on the internet about what job seekers should do to prepare for an interview. But who else should prepare? Hiring Managers – Founders, directors, and even middle managers often forget that an interview is not a one-sided question. The interviewer needs just as much preparation to find the right candidate. Regardless of the position in the company and the recruitment stage.

Certainly, when deciding on the choice of a candidate, the most important criterion should not be thinking about how much we will pay her monthly. Most decision-makers only think about how much they will pay the new employee and thus determine the cost of that person. But what about over five years?

In some professions, people change companies every 2 or 5 years. And that is a total cost, not monthly or yearly.
Therefore, the interview with the candidate should be considered in terms of: “Is this person worth half a million euros?”

Here are some helpful tips that will be key to your success when working with recruiters to select the best candidates.

What will you be doing tomorrow, do today!

Get involved. If you know in advance that you will need an employee, do not hesitate to inform the recruiter about it.
Dynamically report what is happening to your team and whether you have enough people to complete the task in the near future.

Raise awareness of HR

Answer in detail the recruiters’ questions about what work the new employee will do, where his place will be in the team, what impact this role will have, what will happen if you don’t hire him, etc.

Who is the perfect candidate for you

Don’t just rely on the recruiter’s sixth sense. Clearly define who the ideal candidate is for you. Use examples of features, even those that at first glance have nothing to do with the role of this employee. You can also show someone you already have in your team as an example.

Let’s do this together

However, what is the most important in contacts between the recruitment department and the hiring manager? The most important thing is to stop wondering what HR can do for you. The second most important thing is to stop wondering what you can do for HR. What you should do is start to wonder how you can build the best team in your company together

Żaneta Pindel

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