The recruitment of the Z Generation is an extremely important and recent fashion trend. It is said that Z Generation candidates have clearly defined plans for the future. They are also characterized by specific attitudes. This has an impact not only on conducting and outcome of the recruitment process but also on further cooperation. What should the employer know about them?

What is Generation Z – facts and myths

The Z generation is defined as people born after 1990 or more precisely between 1996 and 2010. This generation is also known as the post-millennials, Gen Z, new realists, or iGeneration. It is the first generation that was born in a completely digital world so they are true digital natives. They communicate mainly through social media, text messages, and spend as much time on the phones as older generations watching TV πŸ˜‰. They acquire tech knowledge very quickly, without which they cannot imagine their lives.

A generation of egoists – Myth

It is said that the attitude of Generation Z is very demanding, their ego exuberant, and their self-esteem too high. They are convinced of their uniqueness and unique competencies, which may lead to excessive expectations. Gen Z is a generation of individualists and assertive people but that is not the same as selfishness. In fact, they are very involved socially, politically, and ecologically. The companies that improve the quality of life on the planet and give importance to corporate social responsibility attract those candidates more often.

Gen Z is lazy – Myth

This is another stereotype faced by post-millennials. The truth is that they gain their first experience at a very young age, taking up seasonal, occasional, or even permanent jobs. They cover their day-to-day expenses and many of them pay for their education on their own. They are characterized by entrepreneurship, they have ambitions to open their own businesses, and thanks to their digital skills, they know how to earn money online. As a result, they become freelancers, influencers, some of them earn very well by engaging in esports or running their channels on the Internet. They earn money, but differently than previous generations.

They lack commitment to work – Myth

Don’t they really care about their work as much as the previous generations did? iGeneration is a generation focused on success, but not at the cost of a lack of personal life. This generation works to live, wants to spend a fixed number of hours at work, and devote their free time to pursuing their hobbies. The work-life balance is a keyword in their case. When they talk about future, adult job they look for a lack of pressure and time. Generation Z workers do not want to work unpaid, and therefore avoid, unpaid internships. They also have a strictly defined vision of their first job. They will not be satisfied with simple, unambitious activities, they will expect specific, diverse, and interesting tasks from the very first days of work. More than other generations, they value mentoring support rather than responsibility and independence.

They share different values – Myth

When it comes to values, they do not differ much from other generations – in the first places they put love, security, and personal development. Moreover, they value the human element, equality, mutual respect, gratitude, and recognition among colleagues and leaders.

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Openness – Fact 😊

Generation Z is characterized by extraordinary creativity, openness to new experiences, and a large network of contacts. They are more accepting and open-minded than any generation before it.  Because it’s easy to travel, Gen Z is not closed to contacts only in its own country but goes beyond to meet other cultures and new people. Obviously, they value online communities because it’s easy to connect with people of different economic circumstances. Generation Z’s domain is open to new experiences so they are not afraid of compiled tasks related to new technologies. They can search for information and they are aware of the need to be flexible nowadays. Generation Z is very open not only to changing employers, but also the industry itself. They are aware that it’s necessary to develop, educate, and adapt constantly to new conditions created by the market.


This new generation of young people will soon become pivotal generation in the business world. Zoomers are looking for trustworthy leaders who support their needs, care for them as humans – not just employees. They look for training, mentorship, and flexibility. They focus on new technologies. They are keen on testing themselves on many professional levels so they can be ready to change their position within one company between departments, positions, or sharing desks depending on their needs. It will definitely be a challenge for companies to adjust management and adapt the workplace to Gen Z’s needs. However, it seems to be the best way to succeed.

Marcelina Wierzbicka
Recruitment Specialist

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