The question might seem easy, but it can raise many doubts. After all, when we are looking for new employees to our company we search for specific skills or competencies, so that they can deal with the tasks that will be put before them. This specific set of competences will be also needed for the further development of the organization. But what is crucial in such a search? If we hire a person who meets the skill expectations, but does not fit into the structure of the organization, have different values, and the team does not accept his or her approach, lifestyle, and a way of communication – should we think we achieved the recruitment success?

What the research shows?

The research conducted by Hyper Island in 2013 in several companies from various industries shows that personality was the most important factor in recruitment and had bigger influence than all other expectations towards candidates. For more than 78% of employers, personality was the first and the most important criterion during the recruitment process. The second place was taken by matching the organization’s culture, and the third place was taken by skills.


Personality determines who we are. Our temper and character are responsible for how we react in stressful situations, or when we are under time pressure, or how we deal with intense emotions. Personality traits shape us as people and build our character. They are important in cooperation with the team, clients, and management as well as in the process of building a value path.

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The candidates should be aware that recruiters evaluate their applications taking into consideration framework requirements, technical skills, specific competences, completed courses, trainings, certificates obtained, knowledge of languages, etc. These elements of CV are extremely important in the first stage of recruitment process which is a CV selection and during technical interviews. At the end we search for a person who already has some “hard” skill set and will be able to deliver the given tasks. However, later on during the interview with HR or a Manager,  candidates can show themselves from the better perspective than competitive candidates, by showing their soft skills, emotional intelligence, and how they can communicate their values – that is all that makes up our personality.


Employee who does not fit to the organization, will be probably not entirely committed which influences the lower quality of work, lower effectivity, lack of loyalty and of willingness to give an extra effort for a company. In the end if the scale of not committed employees is high – it can even have an impact on a lower company revenue. That is why we should not underestimate the value of soft skills, personality and its fit to our company culture.

Iga Rustowska
Recruitment Specialist

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