On Thursday, February 6th, IT recruitment specialists Anna Dyga and Marlena Maciejewska from Onwelo will be presenting the first part of our online webinar to help understand how to best source IT candidates.

Sourcing IT candidates is the crucial part of the recruitment process because the number of IT specialists who search for the new job on their own is relatively low. Recruiters need to know how to optimize and improve this stage by learning the best practices in sourcing and understanding online solutions available on the market. During our webinar, Anna and Marlena who work as IT Recruiters will share their knowledge and experience related to sourcing methods and tools. Based on an example of the recruitment process for Java Back-End Developer, they will present the following topics:

Welcome to the webinar – take your phone, you may need it!

About presenters and their work :
– Passive candidates – who they are and why they are important
– Understanding key words based on job requirements
– Boolean Search
– ATS and its role in candidate search (machine learning)
– Linkedin
– Facebook
– Github
– Stackoverflow
– Q&A

Registration is open to everyone! To register click HERE

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