Today’s world of business and technology has gained incredible acceleration. To be able to not only keep up but also to gain the right momentum for the development of our organizations, we cannot miss the aspect of weaving technology into it. The guarantee of such momentum for each company is, among others, the possibility of quickly adapting to changes, repeatability of processes and sensitivity to the following trends.

HR departments should be supported by technology

Human Resources departments are undergoing one of the most dynamic changes and transformations in the world. Did you know that 85% of jobs where people will work in 2030 do not exist yet? And did you know that 30% of the work we do today can be automated by 2030? Every day, 10,000 baby boomers retire in the US – that’s a lot. HR Technology was created in response to concerns about new jobs, a guarantee of repeatability in processes and a lack of people to perform some work.

What is HR Technology?

There is no clearly constructed definition of HR Technology yet. We can imagine it as a very extensive set of tools that aims to make life easier for three groups of people: candidates, employees and HR departments. These tools can focus on a selected field, perform one specific function or support all processes.

Trends vs. Technology boom

In connection with the perceived need for technological support for HR departments, just like mushrooms after rain, new solutions are emerging every now and then to replace outdated, heavy systems and ensure a smooth transition from stationary to cloud. New companies are beginning to specialize in specific solutions. Due to this boom, trends are beginning to appear on the market, which can be divided into three very clear groups. And they are …

Trend 1. Data analytics

One of the biggest challenges currently faced by HR departments is to properly analyze the masses of candidate data based on their CVs or cover letters. Drawing impartial conclusions and the speed of processing large amounts of materials is an extremely key element of the employment process. To this end, more and more companies specialize in tools for global data analytics. So that we don’t accumulate them for the sake of owning, but we can make the best use of them.

Trend 2. An intelligent assistant

Interactive assistants are used as the search for efficiency and effectiveness. It is an excellent solution for improving the fluidity of communication between the company and the candidate. They provide the necessary information regarding the recruitment process, arrange a meeting with the recruiter, remind both parties of a meeting, propose participation in other recruitments, take care of the GDPR consents, ask for supplementing data, providing relevant documents or information on updating them. Simply put – automated service.

Trend 3. Employee rotation

The problem of employee rotation affects almost every company in the world. Rotation is closely related to the costs of each open recruitment process, the costs of onboarding employees, the internal development of their talents, which also significantly affects the ROI of each activity. In response to these troubling problems, a whole range of possibilities arises due to the strategies that our HR department will adopt. Among others, they are: systems supporting the construction of employee involvement, on-line recordings, educational platforms, benefit management platforms, employee wellness, etc.

To have or to be

Here, the question “what are we implementing?” may arise. In my opinion, however, it is more important to ask yourself “what are we and what do we want to be”. Emphasizing the implementation of technology is a bad assumption here. We can only seemingly implement the innovation once and get it over with. In such a situation, we will quickly stop using it and return to our old manual habits. We can be innovative and “being” in this sentence is key. Being innovative is being open to innovation, testing solutions and nurturing a culture of improvement in the organization. No matter what tools you choose, this attitude will help you achieve success. That is why I encourage you to take this opportunity to test new solutions. Speeding ​​up from instead of catching up with the competition.

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