When we start the recruitment process, it may seem obvious that we should first create a good job advertisement, but it’s not always the first and evident step. In different organizations, the recruitment processes may vary but our experience shows that regardless of how the HR and recruitment departments are built, it is worthwhile to start the recruitment process by creating a thoughtful job advertisement which will help recruiters to promote the process end engage the right candidates into it at a later stage.

Define who is directly responsible for the future employee

Recruiters start with an assignment they receive from their Talent Acquisition Leaders or directly from hiring managers. At the beginning of the work it is worth determining for whom the new employee is going to work and who will be his/her direct superior. Practically, it can be the main manager in a department, a senior specialist, or a team leader.

It is a direct superior who has to define certain expectations towards the new employee. It will be a set of certain skills and characteristics on which recruiters will focus during their search. We can, therefore, assume that the first step in preparing a good job offer is making an appointment with the person responsible for the future employee.

Build main parts of job advertisement

Once an appointment is made, it is important to prepare for it, i.e. prepare a list of the exact things we need to create an interesting proposal for candidates. Some basic topics have to be discussed regardless of whether we recruit for an IT software house or an industrial company. Let’s focus on:

  • Job title
  • Company and its location
  • Skills and competences required on the position
  • Responsibilities and daily tasks
  • Basic benefits
  • Salary and form of contract
  • Additional benefits

The correct job title is crucial because it is the first element of the job offer that will draw the candidate’s attention. It determines whether the candidate will be interested in the offer at all and whether he/she will decide it is worth to read the whole advertisement. If you can, avoid the complicated internal company naming that can be unclear for candidates.

Whether we are recruiting for the company we work for or for an external client, we need to clearly and distinctly establish their formal employer and their workplace.

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Once the candidate is familiar with the job title, employer, and location of the company he/she needs to find out what skills and competencies are required for the position. Such knowledge allows candidates to consider whether they qualify for the position. Responsibilities and daily tasks described in the offer will also help them to imagine and understand what this work is about and whether they will be able to face daily challenges at work. Try to avoid long lines. Use bullet points and focus on the main and interesting parts – show what is the added value related to the position.

The above elements are the undisputed minimum that must be found in the job offer, but if we want to be more creative than other companies it’s worth adding extra information about, for example, basic benefits, salary, and form of contract.

Placing salary information in a public advertisement is not always possible for the company or the hiring managers. This topic must always be approached individually and we have to consider whether this will help or hinder the process. We are currently observing that the majority of job advertisements in the IT industry have or even require salary information, which is not always common in other industries. Candidates claim openly that they are more likely to apply for job offers that clearly indicate what kind of salary they can expect.

Indicate common values

If we wish to attract candidates who believe and appreciate the same values as your company does let’s write about them! It can be a reliable way to attract people with the same approach and attitude to work. Employee initiatives and events are as interesting for the candidates as their daily tasks, people they work with and how they feel in the organization. Currently, research shows that employees want to identify themselves with the companies they work for, want to be proud and want to openly declare what they do professionally, so let’s encourage them to apply not only on the basis of their potential duties, but also how rewarding their job might be.  

A job offer prepared in this way should bring positive results in the form of very good applications from candidates. The most important thing is to remember that the job offer should be approachable, readable, and eye-catching.

Marlena Maciejewska

Senior HR Specialist

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