What is a candidate persona and how to build it?

If you care about creating an organization in which employees will be matched to their team not only in terms of competencies but also in respect of personalities, if you care about good relations between employees, if you think that the organization is built by people and you want them to stay in the company for a long time it is definitely worth it.

A Persona is nothing else but the most complete and detailed outline of the target group representative. The Persona describes the needs and priorities of our candidate. The better we get to know him/her, the easier it will be for us to build an organizational structure consistent with our needs and values.

According to Career Arch research, as many as 75% of candidates evaluate the employer’s brand before applying. You have been building this brand for years. Let us remember that by choosing people for the organization you create this brand.  The right people, matching the organization are our business cards and create the employer branding of our company. Thanks to good marketing activities we attract better and better talents to our company, which translates into financial results of our organization. Good, well-coordinated teams are one of the main factors motivating people to work, which results in limited fluctuation. Good employer branding created by our employees is above all what can positively distinguish us in the market from our competitors.

The process of building a Persona

In the process of building a Persona, it is worthwhile to involve all departments, and most of all people in key positions – the management, managers, team leaders. Every perspective is very valuable here. When we gather information on questions that are the most important and valuable for us while building the Persona, there comes a time to face a huge amount of data, that is all the information we will need to create this project. At first, we should find similarities, the most frequent answers – then we draw conclusions, and we can start building a sketch of our Persona.

Below we present you with a template that will help you create the persona of your candidate.

Problems and challenges
PERSONA MAP based on candidates data
Demographic data
What is their current position:
Gdzie oni żyją:
What is their education:
How many years of professional experience they have:  
Private life
How do they spend free time:
What is their hobby:
  Values and objectives
What values are important to them:
What are their private /professional goals :
What problems they face in professional life:
What makes them open to new challenges:
  Professional life
What are their standards of work:
To whom they currently report:
What is the type of work to be done:
  Information consumption:
Where do they get industry information from:
Where do they learn about new professional opportunities:
What information do they rely on as a candidate:
What kind of content do they consume the most often:
What do they expect from you as an employer:
How their dream recruitment process looks like:
What are their expectations related to the contact with a recruiter:
What are most frequent reasons they want to work in your company:
What are most frequent reasons they decide to do not work with your company/reject the job offer:


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