Everyone knows (especially IT recruiters) that, nowadays, running a recruitment process is incredibly challenging and time-consuming. Many tools may help us to work smarter and lighten our workload but how to choose the best of them? Here are 5 free recruitment tools and resources which make my work life easier – I hope you will also find them useful!

1. Recruitem

You are not a big fan of creating boolean strings? The clock is ticking and you have to go with direct search? Don’t worry, there is a solution – completely free X-Ray Search – Recruitem. It enables efficient and easy profile search on Linkedin, Github, Stack Overflow and others, without registration. You simply fill in three “boxes” and open the search string in Google. For those who don’t feel the deadline knockin’, Source Hub (for this one you need to register) helps not only with creating but also modifying boolean strings to reach potential candidates from the same sources.

2. Contact Out

Sometimes, even though we’ve spent long hours searching, personalizing messages and contacting dozens of candidates via LinkedIn, we have a very small rate of response. In this case, we need to reach them out through different channels. Contact Out allows you to find personal email addresses and phone numbers, sometimes of any candidate from their LinkedIn profile. Alternatives are Prophet or Lusha.

3. Auto Text Expander

Recently, I’ve discovered Auto Text Expander, the Google Chrome plugin, which may save some time, efforts and increase productivity. It enables creating customized shortcuts for your frequently used Text. When you type a shortcut text expander will automatically type an entire sentence/template. I find it very useful while sending invitations via Linkedin. ATE allows me to introduce myself and explain why I’m contacting this person with only two clicks.

4. Glossary Tech

Once I found my tech recruiting and sourcing assistant I never leave without it! Glossary Tech is one of the most amazing recruitment tools I’ve worked with. This dictionary plugin enables you to easily find all technical terms listed in CV/profiles and their meanings. Additionally, structures them by categories (Front-end, Back-end, QA, etc). This tool definitely keeps my technical awareness in good shape 😊.

5. Trello

Last but not least important is how we organize our work and prioritize tasks. We can use, colorful sticky notes or open “to do” task runner. Most of you also heard about google keep, but has anyone ever used Trello? This is a tool that organizes your projects into boards. Board is a list of lists, filled with cards where you can add comments, upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels and due dates. It might be used by you or shared with your team easily.

I hope these recruitment tools will support you while struggling with your recruitment processes. Have fun trying them out!

Author: Marcelina Wierzbicka.

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