1. Risk Management – keeping risks down to a minimum

The easiest thing to explain to management is how there are risk factors in recruitment that can thwart a successful hire. A lot of these risks come from errors in communication both internal (with the hiring team) and external (with the candidate). There are also new legal risks that have come up with the implementation of GDPR regulations. Let your management know, that you can mitigate all of the major risks that can hinder your recruitment, with an ATS system.

Applicant Tracking System are specifically built to help recruiters collaborate with other recruiters and communicate with candidates through mobile chat, email – while keeping a history of everything. New ATS systems also have built in features for GDPR compliance that can automate and make sure you are always keeping up with regulations.

2. Allow recruiters to use their time more valuably

It is important to explain to management, why it is we hire experienced specialists as recruiters. We want to use their expertise on people, interviews and make sure their time is used valuably. ATS systems can help achieve that with their resume scanning features and ranking systems. Before ATS systems could automatically scan thousands of resumes to filter through candidates that match the needs and skills for an open position, recruiters were tasked with manually going through every single resume or CV that is received – sometimes this can be 100’s of resumes, only to have a handful that are actually qualified for the position. This is very valuable time that can be saved with an ATS! New ATS systems even incorporate AI to find the resumes that actually are valuable. Let your management know that recruiters time is valuable!

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3. Keep all information in one place!

Management often needs to know how things stand in terms of current recruitment efforts – and this can be difficult to do without having a central base of information. Let your decision makers know that an ATS system will give them easy and quick access to real time information regarding current and past recruitment projects. An Applicant Tracking System will give access to reports and information that is key for management to see progress and evaluate recruitment effectiveness – while a lack of such a system can create chaos when trying to evaluate how recruitment has been working. ATS system will let managers see exactly what is happening at any given time without having to manually retrieve this information from recruiters one-by-one. Let your management know that an Applicant Tracking System will have a direct impact on their needs as well!

Most ATS systems have a variety of plans and features that allow companies and HR sectors to choose which ones are the best fit both for features and cost. Do not wait to make recruitment easy and effective, get an ATS system as soon as possible!

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